Jersey City Dentist begins Invisalign treatment!

Thanks to my best friend from dental school/orthodontist Dr. Anna, I completed Invisalign two years ago and was thrilled with my results! After wearing plastic trays in my mouth round the clock that I changed every two weeks, I never thought my smile could look so good!  I really felt like the 18 months I dedicated to this treatment flew by and were really worth the outcome.  However for the past 8 months, I have been really bad about wearing my retainers at bedtime and noticed exactly what I warn my patients about- my teeth have shifted and become crooked again (orthdodontic relapse). Ari and I are newly engaged and I decided that I want to straighten out my act before our wedding. I remember feeling really confident and good when I saw how I looked in photos- and I want that feeling back!  I am excited to share my second time around with my patients and followers. I will also periodically share other Invisalign cases I am treating in progress so that you can hear about my own patient's experiences as well! Stay tuned 😁