Modern Family Dentistry offers a full variety of whitening systems FOR ALL LEVELS OF BLEACHING NEEDED!

Modern Family Dentistry in Jersey City offers a full range of whitening systems in office and to take home! When it comes to whitening, it is important to first know if it will work on your teeth.  A quick visit to see an MFD dentist will prepare you for the best results.   For the whitening gel to penetrate effectively, it is recommended to clean off any surface stains due to our diets.   MFD dentists utilize a variety of bleaching systems that are high quality, top rated, and cutting edge products!  Depending on your individual needs, we may combine any of these following treatments: 1. In-office whitening, 2. Pre-fillled bleaching trays, 3. custom trays with bleaching gel.  Give us a call at our Jersey City location if you would like  to schedule a free 15 minute whitening consultation with an MFD dentist!

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